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About the Project: Amidst the rapid development of China, unbalanced development has brought worrisome social issues. The “honesty crisis” has become the biggest threat to the commercial environment and Chinese enterprises are facing adverse conditions where product ads cannot convince customers. With the ever-growing fragmentation of the media, customers only care about the information they want, making the effect of brand communication hard to predict. TV media platforms need to implement the orders of the SARFT regarding the total time of public benefit ads and upholding social responsibility. DYTM has combined the needs of all three parties (advertiser, audience, and TV station), integrated resources, and come up with a solution for brand communication----public benefit marketing.

Public benefit marketing and a public benefit media communication platform can create a greater positive effect for brands within a limited budget. Branded public benefit themed programs will gain greater identification from target markets. Up to now, our public benefit co-communication partners include: PICC, China Taiping Insurance, Xianling Gubao, Quike Pharmaceuticals, Lingrui Pharmaceuticals and other famous enterprises, and our service has received wide popularity among advertisers.
Cooperation Case
  • Lingrui Pharmaceuticals
    • In this age of the traveling working class, there is always a great distance between our work and our parents, making the annual family reunion during the spring festival very precious. We’ll start an event to help more young people spend more time with their parents: Lingrui’s Fly Home.
    • Using the “More Care, Less Pain” public benefit theme, promote the event on TV through public benefit TV programs and implement the Lingrui Fly Home event offline.
    • Let the “More Care, Less Pain” idea of Lingrui sink deep into the audience’s heart. This isn’t just about caring for the body, but for the heart.
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