Investment Orientation

Variety Shows
Variety shows are no longer just shot in studios, but are becoming reality shows with diversified elements.
Introduce sports, fitness, and travel content to meet the audience’s preferences in outdoor shows.
The audience’s interest in famous personalities has led to the popularity of reality shows.
Reality shows are an extension of conventional advertising and are acting as reliable profit generators for TV channels.

Film Industry
The film industry in China has been growing by about 30% each year since 2003 and is still growing steadily.
As the film market grows, revenue generated by films is also growing, with more and more films generating over 100 million yuan.
There are over 18,000 screens in China and the number is still growing.

Animation Industry
In 2014, the animation industry in China exceeded 100 billion yuan.
Developed animation IP brands don’t require start-up investment and branding, and can establish value chains quickly, thus becoming better investments.

Other  Diversified Investments
Equity or project investments in other culture industries with great potential.
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