Founded in 2001, ActSociety has successfully expanded its field of business from brand communication to investment, production and operation of variety shows. Today, ActSociety has built a set of core competences based on 14 years’ of market communication and client service experience, using brand operation ideas to serve brand communication, advertising services, variety show development and operation, IP derivative product development, and licensed cooperation.

Based on a unique innovative IP operation platform, ActSociety is able to provide specialized services related to the content of target show to clients, including content implementation, brand communication, marketing, creative advertising, media strategy, and purchasing among others. Shows operated or produced include 2 Days & 1 Night, The Running Man, Charming Daddy, Beauty and Genius, and Grand Family Contest. The company has formed long-term partnerships with top domestic media platforms including Zhejiang TV, Tianjin TV, Shenzhen TV, Dragon TV, Sichuan TV,,, IQIYI, QQLive, Sohu TV, Qihoo 360, and others, and has gained many high-quality clients.

Our Honors

Company Honors
1. Host of “China Regional Communication: New Trends in Creative Integration” Conference in 2011
2. 2011 Leading Company Award from DYTM
3. Host of the “2012 Chinese Enterprise Social Responsibility and Brand Communication” Summit
4. Practice base for the School of Advertisement in Communication University of China since 2013
5. Council member of the China Public Interest Advertisement Innovation Research Base since 2013
6. Funder of 2013 Beijing Cultural Innovation and Development Special Fund

Media Honors
1. 2006 Global Times Top 10 Ad Agency
2. 2007 Anhui TV Top 10 Ad Company
3. 2008 Shanxi TV Outstanding Agency
4. 2008 Hunan Entertainment Channel Top-level Ad Agency
5. 2011 Guizhou Broadcasting and TV Station Communication Strategy Partner
6. 2012 Tianjin TV Top-level Agency
7. 202 Sohu TV Top 10 Agency with the Most Potential
8. 2013 Outstanding Agency
9. 2013 Tianjin TV Top-level Agency
10. 2013 Tianjin TV Top 10 Agency

Project Honors
1. In 2014, the More Company for Parents with a Grateful Heart public interest advert won the silver award in the TV group at the “6th Chinese Advertiser Summit and Golden Sight Awards”
2. Outstanding Organization of 2014’s DYTM Running Man Project Operation Group

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