DYTM-lc  was founded in June 1999 as a film and TV program operation company under the DYTM Media Group. Our major fields of business include production and operation of TV episodes, film, internet shows, and documentaries (including importing foreign IPs).

As the biggest content supplier among regional media, DYTM-lc  invests in 2-3 high quality films and TV works every two years, and works closely with leading domestic and foreign media platforms and producers. Currently, DYTM-lc holds resources that include 1,000 foreign TV episodes and films.

20 Years’ TV and Film Production Experience

DYTM-lc  has nearly 20 years’ experience in high-quality TV and film production. Thanks to our professional production, operation, and promotion teams, as well as outstanding professional resources, we’ve produced many popular TV works covering a wide range of themes.
Biggest Imported TV Episode Supplier in China

DYTM-lc is one of the biggest imported TV episode suppliers in China. For over a decade, we’ve established close partnerships with many foreign media entities and producers, and have imported over 1,000 TV episodes from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Korea, and Japan. The brand effect of DYTM -lc’s imported episodes is still growing continuously.

Biggest Regional Media Operator in China

DYTM-lc has built long-term strategic partnerships with over 200 city TV channels, making us the top urban media publishing network. With this leading network, we provide customized and systematic services for our clients’ ads. During the early phases, we select high-quality content confirmed by the client and build a national or regional urban media network, then set a customized broadcasting plan with an emphasis on major provinces and regions. After this, we keep in close contact with our clients and the media to guarantee the program and ads are broadcasted as planned. During the later phases, we work with professional broadcasting monitoring organizations to provide certification of broadcasting and monitoring reports.

With our rich experience in urban media operation, we enjoy great advantages in content resources, media networks, and monitoring services, and have built great relationships and partnerships with many customers for more than a decade.

Our Honors 
Permanent member of the Capital Entrepreneurs Club
Executive council member of the China Enterprise Social Responsibility Association
2008 and 2011 CPCC Top 10 Chinese Owner
Official member of the Capital Manufacture Association
2011 Chaoyang District Outstanding Enterprise
Outstanding Programs 

July 2001:
46-episode full-length TV documentary Chinese Cultural Relic Records won the 8th “Five ‘One’ Project” award from the Central Propaganda Department.

January 2003:
Broadcasted the 365-episode show the Book of Wonders in about 200 city TV channels. The show lasted for 4 years.

October 2004:
TV episode Half of the Moon was broadcasted and well received all over the country.

January 2008:
30-episode TV series Old Soldier’s Heart (co-produced with CCTV Film and TV Department and Frontline Art Troupe) was broadcasted on CCTV 1 during prime time.

August 2009:
40-episode TV series Cantabile Tide was listed in the “50 Key TV Series Plan for the 50 Year Anniversary of China” by the Central Propaganda Department and State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television.

April 2011:
TV series Cantabile Tide was selected to be one of the celebration works for the 90th Anniversary of the CCP by the Central Propaganda Department.

June 2011:
DYTM-lc’s first film, the Piano in a Factory was launched. Awards for this film include Best Actor (Wang Qianyuan) at the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival, Best Art Contribution Award and Best Director Special Nomination (Zhang Meng) at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, Special Jury Award at the 3rd Sydney Chinese Film Festival, Best International Film at the 28th Miami International Film and Art Exploration Awards, nomination for Best Actress (Qin Hailu) and Best Actor (Wang Qianyuan) at the 18th Beijing College Student Film Festival.

October 2015:
Nationality-themed TV series Silk Road Legend was broadcasted on CCTV 1 during prime time. The series is a major program in the “Silk Road Film and TV Bridge Program”, and was invested in and shot by Sinkiang Propaganda Department, China Nationalities Audio and Video Press, DYTM-lc , Milky Way Media, and Sinkiang Radio Film and Television Department.

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