Our Vision
Produce Animation IPs of High Quality
Build Fan Communities for Animation Stars
Construct an Industrial Platform with High Conversion Rate
Become the Animation Star Brokerage Firm with the Highest International Market Value
Our Mission
Bring Value to Animated Life – Enjoy an Amazing Lifestyle
Every member of Magic Mall shares the same belief
That we can give souls and lives to animated characters
And bring them to the best platform to gain the most commercial value
Animated characters with life can be symbols of culture for decades
True economic value lies within them amidst the tide of culture
They also represent an amazing lifestyle by influencing how people understand and spread the value of life and build their beliefs
Our Core Values

International prospects, the ability to integrate various animation resources, the will and strength of innovation and exploration.

A professional, able, and pragmatic team of elites with years of experience in commercial operation of animation productions

Strong brand influence in the industry, based on a profound understanding of the animation industry and youth market

Maximum utilization of resources built upon coordination and co-development among all modules of the Magic Mall animation media operation platform

New ideas, values, and channels of animation media operation based on DYTM’s industrial, business, and capital platform

Our Honors

Company Honors

Annual Outstanding Cultural and Creative Enterprise
National Key Animation Enterprise (Certified by the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Finance)
Dragon Award – Annual Award of the Chinese Creative Industry
Nova Award in Creative Industry
The Magnolia Award

Project Honors
The Book of Wonder – 2008 Outstanding Chinese Animation (3rd Group)
The Book of Wonder – Nomination for Outstanding Full-length Animation in the Original Chinese Animation Work and Talent Support Program
Prince Wannabe (season 1, 52 episodes) -- 2008 Outstanding Chinese Animation (4th Group)
The Book of Wonder – Outstanding Animation Creative and Investment Award at the 15th Shanghai Television Festival
Luobaobei Rhapsody – Golden Award for Original Music in the 1st Chinese Animation Spring Festival Gala
Luobaobei’s Love Theatre – SARFT 2011 Outstanding Chinese Animation (1st Group)
Luobaobei – 2011-2012 Annual Animation Super Star
Luobaobei’s Story Time – Ministry of Culture 2012 Key Animation Product List
Luobaobei’s Story Time –SARFT 2012 Outstanding Chinese Animation (3rd Group)
Dancing Seal, Olympics! – National Outstanding Animated Short Film
Luobaobei Rhapsody – Nomination for Best Chinese Animated Short Film at the Golden Panda International Animation Program
Guardian Angel Program – “Clarion China” Social Media Event Award in the IVCA Clarion Awards
You are My Angels (Guardian Angel Promotional Ad) – Golden Pigeon Best Communication Value Award in the 4th China Golden Pigeon Public Interest Ad Contest  

Our Team

As a top-level animation creative and production company in China, DYTM Magic Mall has built a professional and efficient team of elites based on its years of experience in commercial animation operation of animation productions. This is a team of professionals with faith and dreams for the industry, who have devoted themselves to the development of Chinese animation.

Magic Mall has the best creative environment for the growth of animation talent. For 8 years, we’ve been building a dreamland of Chinese animation with the enthusiasm and determination of a start-up team, while our deep understanding and insight of the animation industry and the youth market helps our team to grow continuously.

Thanks to our brand’s identity in the industry, Magic Mall has gradually integrated resources of different aspects, including creative, culture, media, entertainment, technology and interactive experiences. Today, Magic Mall has become a leading platform for integrated commercial resources. Besides realizing commercial value, the company is also pushing forward the most cutting-edge ideas and advanced commercial animation operation methods from an international perspective.

Join Us
Create Animated Life, Realize Personal Value - Enjoy an Amazing Career in an Amazing Environment
•    Are you a fan of animation?
•    We have many friends that share the same interest
•    Here, countless animated characters and works are waiting for you to explore
•    Here, you will find life and value in animation!
Have your own animation works, designs, and plans?
•    You can discuss your ideas with the world’s foremost elite professionals
•    Challenges lie within both commercial and creative divisions
•    Here, you will find platforms, teams, and opportunities to help realize your dream!
Are you fun to work with and do you love sharing the true value of animation with your friends and family?
•    You can bring joy to the lives of those you love by sharing your experiences
•    Want to create the most value for your friends and family?
•    Here, you will not only gain a sense of achievement, but also the trust and respect of those around you!
•    If any of the above sounds like you, and you have enthusiasm, a sense of purpose, and execution power second to none, come and join us!
•    Animation Program Producer/Animation Designer/Marketing Director/Customer Manager
•    Please send your resume to: hr@magicmall.com.cn
Contact Us
MagicMall Animation Operation Division (China)
Hangzhou Magic Mall Animation Production Ltd.
•    Tel: 010-56816366
•    Fax: 010-56816000
•    Address: No. 5 Vanke Park, Tianshuiyuanxili Road/ 2nd Floor, Bldg. 20/ Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
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