DYTM Cultural Investments was co-founded by DYTM, Beijing Cultural Creative Industrial Investment Fund Management Ltd., Beijing WZHT Tech Ltd., and Beijing DMYJ Cultural Industries Ltd. The total registered capital of the company is 10 million rmb, with the 4 founders possessing 51%, 25%, 20%, and 4% respectively. Founded in 2013, the company’s main fields of business include project investment, investment management, asset management, and investment consulting. As one of the few cultural financial management organizations in China, the company has attracted much talent with rich experience since the time of its founding, including experts in investment, cultural operation, advertisement, famous film and TV producers, and pioneers in cultural and educational fields. All members of the company have been dedicated to promoting the development of cultural financialization in China from many aspects, including investment in variety shows, film and TV, cartoon, education, and other fields of art.

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